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Hi, my name is Kevin. I xxxbunker run a construction company a few small buildings and sexual adventures through my line of work over the years, but did not like. A month ago we were put in a winter garden in a big house in the county of Surrey. It was me and four guys, most of us in our years 30 and 40, with the exception of Gordon, who is 18 ° A few days after it began, it was a Friday, and the boys were in town to collect their checks , so I let him go about 3. 00. I was working when I looked at the patio door and saw the lady of the house ( it turned out that Sarah was his name ) sits in the living room watching television. You have to look to my care, because they are the way you feel, my one good eye moved to the legs. I found it hard to concentrate, so I tried to concentrate on my work, but when I looked again, his hand was between her legs. It was not clear, but it could be the position of the arms, the movement, so he had to say must have been pSlept with her. I could not see what they're on TV, but it should be exciting! So as I wanted something to happen that did not last long. He stayed a few minutes later and went to another part of the house. The following Monday, we had access to the living room, so I asked the door to ask him to open the terrace door. It took a while to respond, and she blushed too, dressed in a robe and not much else. I had not experienced first hand, but was quite handsome, 40 years old - 50 years old, very decent figure and large breasts. I explained what I wanted and turned around and opened the back door. Produce up to 4. 00, and the xxxbunker boys went. I went to the front door to ring xxxbunker and tell her we were going to be locked and the patio door. Surprisingly, she opened the door to beat again, but this time, of course, left the bathroom. I told him about locking doors and apologized for disturbing them. II said goodbye and we are back to your bathroom. To my surprise, he said it looked like he needed a bath, and why I'm not with her. No I have to ask twice and started up the stairs behind her. When she went before me had the gown from his fall. She was a little overweight, but fuckable. The bathroom had a huge corner bath, with four people probably would not mind 2. xxxbunker We went in and soon the touch and kiss. She started xxxbunker playing with my dick, which was pretty close to full size at this time. xxxbunker She told me to sit on the edge of the tub, which I did, and got his mouth on my cock. She was very good, and asked where a lady as she had learned to give a good blowjob. She told me that I have in some of the things that go around your xxxbunker neighborhood to be surprised. I have wondered why, but I almost shot my load. I told him I wanted to cum and that only accelerated. I shot my cum rRight in the mouth. He swallowed and continued sucking gently all over my shaft. He stood up and told me to continue to the room. I grabbed a towel, dried myself and went through the room where xxxbunker he lay in bed with his legs. I asked what her husband came and told me that only about 7. 30. I went to her and licked to orgasm. It then took about an hour and a half. However, I came three times, twice and once in the ass pussy. I've never cum so hard in my life! She always wanted more, but I said I had to go where the truth is I thought I completely knacker. She said she would only use her vibrator rampant rabbit, to which I replied that I needed more than one man to satisfy her. He said maybe I should ask one of the guys who accompany me next time. I laughed and said what about the large number of them and I was surprised when I said why not! She said she could not the next day or the next day, butThursday we went xxxbunker to turn and go straight to the fornt door and enter and take the head off. As you xxxbunker can imagine that the guys from the perspective of a gangbang delighted, especially Gordon, who was still a virgin. We saw that not all in the next two days, but on Thursday, we went and rang the bell, as we said. He opened the door and dropped his jaw. She had a very sexy bra red and black and red stockings and black suspenders. She wore no panties and her pussy was shaved completely. She brought us up the stairs and told to undress. At first we were all surprisingly very shy, and she had to work hard to be a couple of the guys attention. But it was not long before she gets fucked in every hole. It took until 3 00, 6 hours in total, although it had to stop for lunch if you can call to stop, because about petting and groping in the lunch break! You had to wear underwear, because cum dripping from bOTR her ass and Fanny. After lunch we went upstairs. It was hard to believe that xxxbunker its strength, but immediately got into it again, as if they had sex in the last few weeks. Gordon, who had lost their virginity before and received his first blowjob anal fuck have come to the first. I do not know the amount of total loads of cum, but she took her legs were soaked in milk xxxbunker when you finally ready. Free cum was running out of her ass as she lay in bed and the sheets were covered in our and their juices. She thanked us and left. Never have to gang bang her again, but still I have an afternoon with her when I picked up again without effect. Gordon has also fucked another time. I hope your husband satisfied with our xxxbunker work, there she was!
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